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My 101 in 1001

Hello dearest Internet!

I have finally assembled my “101 in 1001” – a list of 101 goals to be accomplished in 1001 days, because yearly resolutions are just too darn intimidating! Now, I’m not gonna lie.. It was definitely a struggle to come up with such a long list, (and I have taken a bit of inspiration from some other lists I’ve read) but I am completely stoked about every single item! Take note, I realize a lot of these goals seem way, way beyond my reach, but that’s why they’re called goals, right?

I’m planning on blogging about each goal once it’s been achieved, and will be modifying this post occasionally to show the dates of completion. The end date is December 1, 2012. Good timing too, as the world is gonna end just 11 days later. ;P

So, take a look! And let me know if you’re interested in helping me fulfill any of these goals! Then, make a list of your own, and let me know how I can help you with yours!! SOO fun! :)

1) Pay off my school loans

2) Paint my nails red at least once a month

3) Hold a Martha Stewart-like dinner party for a small group of close friends

4) Keep fresh flowers in my home as often as possible

5) Finish a whole coloring book

6) Blog at least three days a week

7) Institute monthly FAQ video blog posts

8) Revamp website(s)

9) Design and order our wedding album

10) Give wedding albums to both sets of parents

11) Get a bulldog and name him Sullivan

12) Do one thing every day to improve my business

13) Shoot a wedding in a country I’ve never been to before

14) Shoot a wedding in a state I’ve never been to before

15) Visit Ireland with Dylan (aka, the Morrissey homeland)

16) Vacation in California

17) Convince Dylan to move to California

18) Wear skirts/dresses daily when weather permits/if I feel like it

19) Try out a yoga class

20) Furnish our home with Anthropologie-like thriftyness

21) Sell something on Etsy

22) Do something nice for someone anonymously

23) Randomly send someone some small item they mention wanting

24) Send thank you notes for small, unexpected reasons

25) Give away one free wedding package on the bloggity (through a specific selection process)

26) Invent some awesome photo-business-related thing

27) Be interviewed as an “expert” for an article

28) Second shoot for a photographer that I admire

29) Photograph somebody I admire

30) Conceptualize a shoot, have it styled by local vendors, and shoot it

31) Try a new hairstyle

32) Join a book club

33) Read through the whole Bible

34) Watch a sunrise completely uninterrupted

35) Watch a sunset completely uninterrupted

36) Write, compose, and record a song for Dylan

37) Drink 8 full glasses of water a day

38) Go on a hike

39) Start and maintain a dream journal

40) Develop killer product packaging

41) Develop “after booking” gifts

42) Develop referral gifts

43) Develop an efficient system for submitting to wedding publications

44) Purchase filing cabinets & get organized!

45) Literally count my blessings

46) Book 25-30 weddings a year

47) Institute a regular date night

48) Throw a fabulous birthday party for a friend

49) Learn to whistle with my fingers in my mouth

50) Learn to snap for real for the first time in my life

51) Do something sweet for my boy every day

52) Get published on a wedding blog

53) Get published in a wedding magazine

54) Purchase canvas gallery wraps for our studio space

55) Purchase sample wedding/engagement albums

56) Increase Twitter followers to 500

57) Increase Google Reader subscribers to 500

58) At least double Facebook page fans

59) Purchase 27” iMac for in-office workflow

60) Take advantage of Showit + sites for clients

61) Attend WPPI 2011

62) Network, network, network

63) Start my own workshops

64) Mentor a new photographer

65) Discover a new musical artist for myself every month

66) Take a multi-vitamin every day!

67) Try one new restaurant a month

68) Get married! (Duh! This should have been number 1!)

69) Make some awesome article of clothing/jewelry that I wear all the time

70) Become a better guitar player (haven’t touched it in a while)

71) Buy at least one thing from every flea market I go to

72) Take a class with Dylan in something fun

73) Make a legit cake with fondant and purty decorations just like the Cake Boss

74) Have lunch with someone business related whom I don’t know very well once a month

75) Make daily lists to keep my schedule more organized and productive

76) Take at least one image I am happy with each day

77) Enter at least one photo competition

78) Get some new headshots

79) Write down all my business ideas and put together a legit plan to implement them

80) Update website after every 3 weddings shot

81) Incorporate some form of wedding videography into my photo packages (either outsourced or done myself)

82) Institute an internship program

83) Win a WPJA award

84) Create a consistent email newsletter

85) Go to 3 major workshops

86) Speak at a photo convention

87) Read one book per month to benefit my business

88) Take my sisters-in-law on a fun trip, just the three of us

89) Have people over to our home regularly (practice hospitality)

90) Keep Sundays as a day of rest

91) Get to bed by 11pm on weekdays (gotta be an adult now, guys..)

92) Take a martial arts or self-defense course

93) Become CPR certified

94) Buy something over 100 years old

95) Finish a 365-day photo project

96) Start pre-designing wedding albums

97) Write down the systems of my business – create a manual of what I do

98) Hire Promise Tangeman to re-brand my business

99) Trick out my emails – customize and personalize with my brand

100) Implement surveys to gather client feedback

101) Buy more shoes

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