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Tidbit Tuesday #87

This morning Dylan shook me awake. “You were having a bad dream and grunting and stuff,” he said, as I kicked my right leg with as much force as I could muster while half-asleep. “Um, no I wasn’t… I was just making a goal in the lower left corner and you woke me up before I could celebrate!”

Well, it only took nine months, but Sully has FINALLY learned the “lay down” command. Now as you might imagine, I totally teared up the first time he did it without us forcing him down on his stomach. But the silliest part is that we only really started trying to teach him about 24 hours ago. If I would have known he’d learn it that quick, I would have taught him how to skateboard by now. Speaking of, Sully’s birthday is coming up in November. And I think some new wheels might just be in order. The hallways in our complex are PERFECT for this kind of thing. Move over, Tillman.

Have you seen August’s 1 For Me // 1 For You yet? It’s pretty stinking awesome, though of course I am a little biased. If you haven’t entered yet, it’s totally easy to do! Just click HERE and then answer the question at the end of the post. And guys? Don’t hold back. It could make a totally stylin’ man-purse. Or gift! ;)

On Sunday I convinced Dylan that we need to institute a regular Red Mango day, because Red Mango just makes life better. I’m not even just saying that as some sort of cutesy phrase. I wholeheartedly believe that frozen yogurt can only improve the quality of your life. Well, if you don’t eat it by the tub-full. But oh, how I’d LOVE to. So SUNDAY it is! Madagascar vanilla, Ghirardelli chocolate chips,¬†almond slices, and raspberries. Get. In. Mah. BELLY.

Song of the Week: Take Off My Shoes by Delirious. Thank you, Spotify, for making it so easy to revisit one of my favorite songs of all time, which never ceases to remind me how in need I am of my Savior. Beyond that, I have no words. So listen to it HERE.

Oh! We just got word that Laura and Shane’s Galveston Artillery Club wedding is being featured right now on Style Me Pretty Texas! So feel free to check it out one more time and leave them some lovin’. And MANY thanks to Abby and the rest of the fabulous SMP team!! :)

Happy Tuesday!!

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  • August 9, 2011 - 5:32 PM

    Patricia - I can’t look at one of your posts without being sucked into the website and losing 45 minutes going through your beautiful photos… YAY!!! Totally love your work:)