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Tidbit Tuesday #105

Yes, I feel a bit ridiculous. But because it’s my blog, I just have to tell you… My heart is buh-reeeaking over the fact that I won’t be seeing my baby dog for the next nine days. In fact, whenever I think about it, my stomach drops like I’m gearing up for a legit roller coaster ride. It takes thinking about chocolate cake to stop the tears from overflowing.. Sully really is my best (and sometimes worst) friend every. single. day. while I work from home. But we know he’ll be in the absolute best hands while we’re in NY! His breeder is taking him in, and he’ll get to spend quality time with his doggy mom and dad. :) (I can do this!)

CHRISTMAS!! It’s in four sleeps, 12 hours, and 15 minutes! Don’t get me wrong – I’m STOKED for the 25th – but I’m most excited for the days leading up to and following it. We’ll be spending the first four days with my family, and for the first time EVER, all of us kids have a significant other at the same time. I’m feeling a TRIPLE date, yo! I’m also most excited for huge meals prepared by all and eaten at the table for hours and hours and hours. OH! And my most recent obsessive idea is to document our family togetherness by setting up a photo booth in the living room. So get ready, blogosphere! This is going to be AWESOME.

You know… My dreams may make me out to be totally fabulous and brave and brilliant, but I’m kind of over crashing into windows because I’m running from some guy chasing me through an unfamiliar house with a machete. I’m happy to report that last night, however, I woke up just slightly before dying. :)

So I sort of debated posting this as I certainly don’t want to toot my own horn, but ultimately the pride I have in my alma mater won out. The S.I. Newhouse School of Public Communications at Syracuse University was just named the NUMBER ONE journalism school in the country by NewsPro! Suddenly, all the frustration and tears spent on newswriting and portfolio reviews has been redeemed. :) I really did have the BEST experience there. BRAVO, Newhouse!! Bravo!

Song of the Week: Hero by Bethany Dillon. I’ve been re-falling in love with Bethany Dillon lately. Okay, let’s be real. I’ve always been in love with her. Heck, I’ve wanted to BE her. But this song specifically resonates with me. He’s the hero we’ve been waiting for. He has done the impossible! Check out Hero HERE!

I am just DYING to show you this week’s wedding post!! All the blog images are ready and waiting for the publish button, but seeing them on Christmas Eve’s Eve’s Eve will make it so much better, right? ;) Here is another sneak peak of Sara and Robert’s completely wonderful day and sweet first look!!

Happy Tuesday!!

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