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Making Things Happen | Just the Beginning

I can’t lie… There’s a huge part of me that just wants to blog Tidbit Tuesday today and sweep the other stuff under the carpet. But then there’s the rest of me. The part that wants to shout it from the rooftops – I’M MAKING THINGS HAPPEN. AND USING ONE RIDICULOUS CLICHE PER EVERY TWO SENTENCES!!

I’ve always loved me a fresh new start! (I have a VERY difficult time starting a diet or big project on any day that isn’t the first of the month, the first day of the week, the first of the year, the anniversary of my birth, or the day of some sort of solstice.) But the truth is, fostering change that LASTS isn’t about starting on Monday, January 1st, or June 21st. It’s about starting ANYWHERE. And committing to progress. I’m doing that in 2013. I’m about to get real, y’all. Realer (yes – Google just confirmed that this IS a word…) than is necessarily comfy for me. But any time I’ve shared my heart on this blog, I’ve been so encouraged afterward. So I’m creating a new category, effective right now. :) And I’m inviting you to join me in Making Things Happen – a movement spearheaded by the ever-inspiring Lara Casey. You can read SO much more about it HERE

Part of goal setting for 2013 has included taking a look at what did and didn’t work in 2012 and determining what all of that taught me. I’ve made two CRAZY long lists that I won’t post in their entirety here. But you can find my full answers in the comment section of GOAL SETTING + MAKING THINGS HAPPEN IN 2013: PART 1. What I want to share with you today are six lessons I’ve learned from the past year. I’m hoping they resonate:

  1. Simplicity ALWAYS works. When it comes to my schedule, how far I’ll travel for work, systematization, and the spaces I work in… Simple is best. (Goals with simplicity in mind to follow…)
  2. Putting effort into making myself and my work environment comfy, pretty and clean boosts my motivation, mood and confidence like few things do. Which reminds me I should change my shirt! ;)
  3. Ninety-nine percent of the time, it only takes one small step to get me on my way to accomplishing big things. So much I did in 2012 was possible because of starting small on things I’d been dreaming of for years! In the words of Bob Wiley, “Baby steps through the office! Baby steps out the door! IT WORKS!!”
  4. Fear wastes time. Time I could use to open up and help others through vulnerability on my blog. Time I could use to grow in my trust in God. Time I could use to do things that MATTER. (My new theme.)
  5. There are few things that really matter in this life… And you have to FIGHT for them! Being attentive to my husband’s love language, setting office hours that allow me to spend quality time with Dylan and God, and doing things that fire me up? They’re more important than I often let myself believe.
  6. Productivity is great. But it’s also an addiction. An idol. I need to be okay with small bits of progress. There will ALWAYS be work. But right now? I need to focus on what matters. First and foremost.
The year 2013 will be a different one. It will be a testament of simplicity. In work. In life. In 2013, I will build confidence in who I am. My relationships. My purpose. I will learn to conquer fear. I will learn what it is to be truly joyful. In the every-day. In Jesus and His love for me. I will love in return. In 2013, I will live with a purpose. Prioritizing the things that matter… Now what about YOUR 2013?

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  • January 8, 2013 - 2:09 PM

    Kristin - Love seeing your heart in this post. I have been working through MTH2013 as well and it has been transformational!

  • January 9, 2013 - 10:00 PM

    Ashante - Alyse, thanks for sharing so much of yourself in your blog. You demonstrate that the professional and the personal collide in ways that we can never truly separate–even if we try to pretend they can be. :) Your post affirmed many of the things I have determined to do for myself this year…here’s to a great 2013!