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Tidbit Tuesday #154

Yesterday I hugged five strangers. FIVE. Two of them went completely out of their way to help me load a 30″x77″ mirror into my not-so-large car. The three others were people I met regarding a future wedding. There are just some things that completely fire me up. Good people with good hearts, and random acts of kindness are two of them.

This whole finish-beautifying-the-house-one-room-at-a-time-no-exceptions thing is really working well! I am ALMOST done with our master bedroom. Never, in 2.5 years of marriage, have I taken the time to make our room the relaxing sanctuary I’ve always dreamed of. But as y’all know, I’m all about DOING things in 2013. Thus far, I’ve reupholstered our bed (that staple gun made me sore for a week!), painted our room, and accessorized like mad. Just one more portrait session (of us with our Sully-boy!!) and we can put up all sorts of pretty prints. I seriously CANNOT wait to share pictures with you guys. Soon, soon!! Next up is the master bath!

I’ve been on a cooking kick these past two weeks… And if I was brave enough to check, I’m positive the scale would prove it. Anyhow! I’ve absolutely fallen in love with my crock pot. Real Simple’s slow-cooker creamy chicken and mushroom potpie is AMAZING and a total hit where the husband’s taste buds are concerned. So was their slow-cooker beef stew. The chicken, spinach and noodle casserole was fabulous. As were the grilled shrimp tacos. AND the blueberry cobbler? Don’t get me started. Please make them all! You’ll thank me. :)

Song of the Week: Donal Ogue by Barnaby Bright. Oh good grief. Becky Bliss’s voice does me IN. This song is one of my favorite sounds in the whole world. I could listen to it over and over on repeat as I drift off to sleep. If you’re having one of those days where you’re going, going, going and simply need to REST, give it a listen.

Next week I’m back to blogging weddings! Until then, here’s a peak at Lauren and Hunter’s incredible day…

Happy Tuesday!!

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  • January 22, 2013 - 2:45 PM

    Sarah - What a great photo!