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Lakeside Country Club Wedding: Jenny & Judson

Sometimes I won’t really meet a couple I’m photographing until the wedding day. Such was the case for Jenny and Judson… Now, I’ve shot Jenny’s brother’s wedding, her sister-in-law’s sister’s wedding, and am scheduled to photograph her friend’s wedding – and they are ALL amazing and beautiful people. But meeting Jenny and Judson, and experiencing the sweetness and gentleness of their love for each other, absolutely shocked me…

J&J – Seriously. Could your day have been any more beautiful? And could the two of you have been any more welcoming and kind? Every once in a while, a wedding will bless me beyond belief and leave me standing in a sea of crazy dancing guests wondering how I have it so good. That was Saturday for me. :) So thank you! And I hope you enjoy your sneak peek AND a fabulously relaxing honeymoon. XOXO!!

Many thanks to Madeleine Elmer for crafting such gorgeous florals. With his bout pinned on, Judson was ready to see his bride during their first look! (Want to know more about why first looks are awesome? Read THIS.)

Jenny is one of those gorgeous criers we all wish we were. And TELL me she isn’t completely stunning in that Marisa gown! And that perfectly classy hair and makeup by Hues by Heather!!

This shot’s one of my very favorites. I love how you can read Jenny’s emotion through her closed eyes…

Ohh, and that LIGHT!! Have I mentioned what amazing weather we had that day? In FEBRUARY?!

Jenny and Judson have a LOT of friends. The boys gave me a particularly hard time, but looked quite dashing! ;)

Such beautiful, beautiful girls! Thank you for laughing at my jokes. :)

Then came ceremony time at Memorial Drive Presbyterian

And they left the sanctuary MARRIED!! Off to the reception at Lakeside Country Club!

Debbie Loux made one of the prettiest cakes I’ve ever seen. (Plus, she’s a total sweetheart!)

They came to dance, dance, dance, dance. (They hit the floor cause that was their plan, plan, plan, plan.) Yeeeah.

And I’ve never seen more confetti in my life.

Congratulations to Mr. and Mrs. Moore! Happy Wednesday. :)

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  • February 6, 2013 - 10:24 AM

    Jessamyn - Dan is sitting in my lap and I can’t even see the screan because he’s screaming “yes! yes!!” and pointing to the beautiful bride! This boy knows beauty when he sees it! Haha! :)

  • February 6, 2013 - 10:25 AM

    Joanne Spencer - These are gorgeous, those first lot of portraits are dreamy. Very jealous of your amazing weather, here in the UK we have pretty much had solid rain for the last year.

    Beautiful work Alyse, been following you for quite some time now and never cease to impress me with your images. Good job! x